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Esta información fué obtenida del Alex's Sailplane Directory:

Schleicher ASW-20

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  • Span 15.0 m./ 49.2 ft
  • Area 10.49 sq. m. / 113 sq.ft.
  • Aspect ratio 21.4
  • Airfoil Wortmann FX- 63-131-K
  • Empty weight 260 kg. / 573 lb.
  • Payload 265 kg. / 584 lb.
  • Water ballast 160 kg / 352 lb
  • Gross weight 525 kg. / 1,157 lb.
  • Wing loading 50 kg. / sq. m. / 10.25 lb. / sq. ft.
  • Structure fiberglass


  • L/D max. 43 120 kph / 65 kt / 75 mph
  • Min. sink 0.59 m/s / 1.93 fps / 1.14 kt
  • 84 kph / 45 kt / 52mph


  • Country of origin Germany
  • Designer Gerhard Waibel
  • No. of seats 1
  • No. built almost 1,000
  • No. in the U.S. about 150

The ASW-20 first flew in 1977 and was an instant success, winning numerous world and national championships. Built for the 15 m. racing class, it features trailing edge flaps which interconnect with the ailerons and allow the entire trailing edge to operate as a flap between –9 and +5 degrees. The flaps also act as ailerons, but deflect only half of the aileron amount. The fuselage is similar to that of the ASW-19. Schempp-Hirth type airbrakes are provided on the upper wing surface only and operate in conjunction with the flaps at approach setting. The –20B model was introduced in 1983 incorporating new aerodynamic developments in the form of pneumatic (‘turbulator’) jets (about 860) placed in the lower wing surface, drawing impact air from pitot inlets and exhausting it into the boundary layer to delay underwing flow separation. The B model has its gross weight increased to 525 kg./ 1,157 lb. Other changes include automatic elevator hookup, an instrument cluster attached to the forward-hinged canopy, and a hydraulic disc brake. The –20C model has a slightly modified cockpit, an maximum gross weight of 454 kg./ 1,001 lb and water ballast of 120 kg./ 264 lb. Schleicher also introduced an ‘L’ variant, with span extended to 16.59 m. by use of detachable tip extensions, making the ASW-20L, -20BL and 20CL. In these, water ballast is restricted to 50 kg./ 110 lb. And gross weight is 430 kg./ 948 lb (BL) and 380 kg. / 837 lb and no ballast (CL). With the extended tips, best glide ratio goes up to about 46. The ASW-20 was also license built by Centrair in France in three variants. The ASW-20F and ASW-20FL are the Centrair equivalents to the 20 B and 20BL model while the 20 FP is an F model with NASA winglets designed to improve performance in weak conditions. Roy Mcmaster, Karl Striedeck and John Seymour won jointly, with others, the world triangle distance record of 1,435 km./ 891.6 miles in 1994 in an ASW-20B. ASW-20’s won 2nd and 3rd places in the 15 m. class at the 1983 World Championships at Hobbs, NM. Specifications are for the B model.

ASK-13 ] Grob G-103 ] Ka6 CR ] Austria SH ] Libelle ] Cirrus ] [ ASW-20 ] Ranquel ]

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